What is ONDO?

We believe it’s the quirks and dashes of the opposite that make life interesting. 

A shot of whisky in your coffee. A cool breeze in the heat of summer.

The arrival that starts the party. The sprinkle of salt that transforms the sweet.

A familiar face in a new place. The sunrise when you’re just coming home.

ONDO is a feeling. As a creation of our two homes, New York and Seoul,  ONDO is about making a choice. For more. For both. For the best of everything. 

Quality and affordability.

Style and sustainability.

Treating yourself and helping others.

Feel good. Look better. ONDO.


From our founder

“I’ve called many places home which has taught me not only how to adjust to new environments quickly but also pick up on the different traits each city and culture has. 


ONDO reflects the most influential places for me; New York and South Korea. Both fast-paced places bursting with trends, yet so different at the same time.


I wanted to create apparel for all occasions, weather and people. ONDO captures and celebrates the thoughtfulness and detail of South Korea, and the openness and diversity of New York. High-quality and sleek designs you love to wear.


That makes you look the part - and feel ONDO.