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Low-Cut No Show Socks 4-Pack

$48 $45.60

5% Pack Savings!

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Low-Cut No Show Socks 8-Pack

$96 $86.40

10% Pack Savings!

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Low-Cut No Show Socks 12-Pack

$144 $122.40

15% Pack Savings!

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Low-Cut No Show Socks

With a fashionably sleek design, our low-cut socks take our signature no-show style to the next level—technically a lower level, but an upgrade as far as style and versatility are concerned. Wear your favorite shoes with confidence and comfort, without worrying about your socks causing a fashion faux pas or a pain in the heel.

Crafted with organic cotton and innovative ‘aqua-X’ nylon, ONDO’s low-cut socks are perfect for any season. The breathable fabric is soft to the touch and encourages water absorption and evaporation while you’re wearing them. The heat cooling technology also features UV protection and moisture-wicking properties, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet, either.

If you’re looking for a no-show sock that not only stays invisible but also remains in place inside your shoe, look no further. No more socks rolling down the back of your heel or bunching up under your arch. Our patented silicone design ensures that even the lowest-cut socks stay on your feet all day. All our no-show socks come with our No Slip Guarantee, so if your socks do slip off while you’re walking, we’ll refund your purchase.

Even though your no-slip, no-show socks will stay undetected inside your shoe, you can still choose from a selection of fun and neutral colors. Stick to the basics with beige or black, or add a secret pop of color with tangerine orange or sky blue two-toned styles. Buy low-cut no-show socks for flats, paired with cuffed jeans for a classic everyday look or step into the office in style with a tailored blazer and low-rise loafers or espadrilles. Express your style exactly how you want: when you plan an outfit with ONDO low-cut socks, you’ll never have to worry about stray fabric peeking out or uncomfortably sliding off. Shop for packs of 4, 8, or 12 pairs to enjoy function, style, and comfort every day of the week. 
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